• Filename: mindgame.
  • ISBN: 9781849436519
  • Release Date: 2006-08-01
  • Number of pages: 112
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • Publisher: Oberon Books

When Mark Styler, a writer of glossy ‘true crime’ paperbacks, tries to get an interview with Easterman, a notorious serial killer, he has noidea what he’s walking into. First he has to get past Dr Farquhar, the quixotic head of Fairfields – the asylum where Easterman is kept. But soon he discovers that nothing is what it seems. Who is the mysterious Borson? Where did he get the meat in the fridge? And why isn’t the skeleton in the closet? Mindgame is a puzzle-box of a play. A dazzling thriller and a jet black comedy that twists its way towards a shocking conclusion. Reading the text is the only way to uncover all the clues.

Myths and Legends

  • Filename: myths-and-legends.
  • ISBN: 1439530351
  • Release Date: 2008-08-11
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Anthony (RTL) Horowitz
  • Publisher:

A collection of thirty-five myths from around the world.

Great Authors of Popular Fiction

  • Filename: great-authors-of-popular-fiction.
  • ISBN: 9781622750870
  • Release Date: 2014-01-01
  • Number of pages: 200
  • Author: Britannica Educational Publishing
  • Publisher: Britannica Educational Publishing

While a number of genres—including mystery, romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, literary fiction, and thrillers, among others—comprise the broader category of fiction, few authors in those genres can claim popular crossover appeal. Culled from a variety of these genres, the authors profiled in this appealing volume have penned books that have done just that. Readers will be introduced to the lives and works of such writers as Judy Blume, Michael Chabon, Suzanne Collins, Dave Eggers, Yann Martel, Toni Morrison, and Kurt Vonnegut, learning how they achieved widespread acclaim and transcended literary conventions.

Anthony Horowitz

  • Filename: anthony-horowitz.
  • ISBN: 9781448869442
  • Release Date: 2012-07-15
  • Number of pages: 112
  • Author: Shalini Saxena
  • Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group

Anthony Horowitz is a highly acclaimed writer of young adult fiction. This book offers a glimpse into the world of the author of the "Alex Rider" series, among many other works. Readers learn what makes his imagination soar. Readers will learn about his childhood, his inspirations, and his ambitions for the future. This title is both informative and inspiring-a must-read for those interested in books and writing.

The Devil and His Boy

  • Filename: the-devil-and-his-boy.
  • ISBN: 9781101175415
  • Release Date: 2007-01-11
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • Publisher: Penguin

Tom Falconer is in trouble. Pursued by the notorious criminal Ratsey, Tom soon finds himself alone and hungry on the streets of London. Luckily enough, the mysterious Dr. Mobius soon recruits Tom to play an important role in a play to be performed in front of Queen Elizabeth. Tom knows there’s something not right about Mobius, but he’s willing to take a risk in order to keep his neck out of Ratsey’s murderous hands. Little does Tom realize that Mobius’s dark secret will trap him in the middle of an international conspiracy, holding the fate of the English empire in his hands.

Eagle Strike

  • Filename: eagle-strike.
  • ISBN: 110115800X
  • Release Date: 2006-02-16
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • Publisher: Penguin

Sir Damian Cray is a philanthropist, peace activist, and the world's most famouspop star. But still it's not enough. He needs more if he is to save the world. Trouble is, only Alex Rider recognizes that it's the world that needs saving from Sir Damian Cray. Underneath the luster of glamour and fame lies a twisted mind, ready to sacrifice the world for his beliefs. But in the past, Alex has always had the backing of the government. This time, he's on his own. Can one teenager convince the world that the most popular man on earth is a madman bent on destruction-before time runs out?

South By Southeast

  • Filename: south-by-southeast.
  • ISBN: 9781101554920
  • Release Date: 2005-09-08
  • Number of pages: 160
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • Publisher: Penguin

It looks like Tim, the world’s worst private detective, and Nick, his brainy kid brother, are in trouble again. They’re dead broke. But money is the least of their worries when a mysterious man bursts into their office and offers Tim a wad of cash for his coat. Minutes later, the stranger is dead and Nick and Tim are left to puzzle over his final words. What could he have meant by "suff bee suff-iss"? Or was it "south by southeast"? Neither one seems to make much sense, but the Diamond brothers will have to figure it out, and fast! Whoever killed the stranger is now after Nick and Tim!

The Oxford Companion to Children s Literature

  • Filename: the-oxford-companion-to-children-s-literature.
  • ISBN: 9780199695140
  • Release Date: 2015-03-26
  • Number of pages: 704
  • Author: Daniel Hahn
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

The last thirty years have witnessed one of the most fertile periods in the history of children's books. A fascinating reference guide to the world of children's literature, this volume covers every genre from fairy tales to chapbooks; school stories to science fiction; comics to children's hymns

Killer Camera

  • Filename: killer-camera.
  • ISBN: 1841213667
  • Release Date: 2002
  • Number of pages: 78
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • Publisher:

Enter the strange and twisted world of Anthony Horowitz, and prepare for the fright of your life. Titles in the series include 'Burnt', 'Scared', 'The Night Bus' and 'Twist Cottage'.

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