• Filename: alpha.
  • ISBN: 9781941098110
  • Release Date: 2014-04-29
  • Number of pages: 450
  • Author: Jasinda Wilder
  • Publisher: NLA Digital LLC

The first time it happened, it seemed like an impossible miracle. Bills were piling up, adding up to more money than I could ever make. Mom's hospital bills. My baby brother's tuition. My tuition. Rent. Electricity. All of it on my shoulders. And I had just lost my job. There was no hope, no money in my account, no work to be found. And then, just when I thought all hope was lost, I found an envelope in the mail. No return address. My name on the front, my address. Inside was a check, made out to me, in the amount of ten thousand dollars. Enough to pay the bills and leave me some left over to live on until I found a job. Enough to let me focus on classes. There was no name on the check, just "VRI Inc.," and a post office box address for somewhere in the city. No hint of identity or reason for the check or anything. No mention of repayment, interest, nothing... except a single word, on the notes line: "You." Just those three letters. If you receive a mysterious check, for enough money to erase all your worries, would you cash it? I did. The next month, I received another check, again from VRI Incorporated. It too contained a single word: "belong." A third check, the next month. This time, two words. Four letters. "To me." The checks kept coming. The notes stopped. Ten thousand dollars, every month. A girl gets used to that, real quick. It let me pay the bills without going into debt. Let me keep my baby brother in school and Mom's hospice care paid for. How do you turn down what seems like free money, when you're desperate? You don't. I didn't. And then, after a year, there was a knock on my door. A sleek black limousine sat on the curb in front of my house. A driver stood in front of me, and he spoke six words: "It's time to pay your debt." Would you have gotten in? I did. It turns out $120,000 doesn't come free.

Alpha It All Begins Here

  • Filename: alpha-it-all-begins-here.
  • ISBN: 9781456745042
  • Release Date: 2011-03-01
  • Number of pages: 110
  • Author: Tim Epps
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse

Faith by definition is: confidence or trust in God and in His promises as made through Christ; the scriptures by which humans are justified or saved. "It is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 11:1 KJV)." In this story, Faith is the key just as it is in our lives to defeating the enemy. God has given us power over the enemy but for us to use that power we have to believe in the Son Jesus Christ and have Faith that we possess the power He has given us. Not only do we need Faith in defeating the devil, but as well the things he throws at us in life. WE MUST HAVE FAITH TO SURVIVE! In this story a young man is given power to use against evil. The key to using it is having Faith. I ask you, as you read this story, put yourself in his shoes and see if you would be ready for a test of Faith.


  • Filename: alpha.
  • ISBN: HARVARD:32044102850153
  • Release Date: 1889
  • Number of pages: 219
  • Author: William Goodell Frost
  • Publisher:

Alpha to Omega

  • Filename: alpha-to-omega.
  • ISBN: 9780985685522
  • Release Date: 2012-10-01
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Author: Matthew Petti
  • Publisher: Two Sense Publications

Petti's unprecedented perspective will forever challenge the way people thinkabout God, human origins, ancient mysteries, and Revelation's foretold perilsand deceptive abuse of mistaken beliefs.

Move Alpha

  • Filename: move-alpha.
  • ISBN: 026262091X
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Number of pages: 222
  • Author: Howard Lasnik
  • Publisher: MIT Press

This major contribution to modern syntactic theory elaborates a principles-and-parameters framework in which the differences and similarities among languages with respect to WH-questions can be captured. Move &α is part of an overall program, initiated by Noam Chomsky, to create a global theory in which the entire transformational component can be reduced to a single process, Move &α. Lasnik and Saito are concerned particularly with bounding requirements on movement (Subjacency) and proper government requirements on traces (The Empty Category Principle).The first two chapters present and extend the ideas proposed in the author's earlier article, "On the Nature of Proper Government." Included are detailed discussions of &γ-marking, the general rule Affect &α, and the definition of proper government, particularly as these relate to WH constructions. The next two chapters propose a modification of Chomsky's Barriers Theory on the basis of a close examination of topicalization and examine the consequences of the modified theory. The discussion extends to restrictions on possible antecedent governors and the implications for quantifier raising and NP-movement of these restrictions. Consequences for Superiority are also considered, and a modified version of this condition is proposed, as is an extension of Chomsky's Uniformity Condition. The final chapter takes up further theoretical issues and alternative approaches.Howard Lasnik is Professor and Mamoru Saito is Associate Professor, both at the University of Connecticut.

Alpha Volume 3 The List

  • Filename: alpha-volume-3-the-list.
  • ISBN: 9781849185608
  • Release Date: 2013-01-22T13:16:00+01:00
  • Number of pages: 48
  • Author: Mythic
  • Publisher: Cinebook

A document has surfaced, listing the names of American citizens who had shady dealings with the secret police of former East Germany. The CIA sends Alpha to escort its owner and his family, but some of the implicated people are influential and have a long reach, while other countries see in the list an opportunity to blackmail potential agents within the higher spheres of US power. It is a mission that will definitely not be a pleasure cruise...

Alpha the Hero

  • Filename: alpha-the-hero.
  • ISBN: 044840950X
  • Release Date: 1995
  • Number of pages: 61
  • Author: Francine Hughes
  • Publisher:

Alpha's disappearance forces the Power Rangers into a fierce confrontation with the Primator, a nasty monster that possesses the ability to take on the form of any of the Power Rangers. Original.

Alpha to Omega

  • Filename: alpha-to-omega.
  • ISBN: 0435104233
  • Release Date: 1999
  • Number of pages: 318
  • Author: Bevé Hornsby
  • Publisher: Heinemann

Part of a three-stage programme which provides help in teaching reading, writing and spelling to both adults and children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia. This teacher's handbook contains detailed lesson plans for each stage of the course.

Alpha and Omega God

  • Filename: alpha-and-omega-god.
  • ISBN: 9781475911299
  • Release Date: 2012-07
  • Number of pages: 682
  • Author: Mathewos T. Abera
  • Publisher: iUniverse

The book is about the Alpha and Omega God. It is my testimony in regard to the existence and the will of the Deity creator for the entire creation activities. I started to write about this supernatural and omnipotent God from the beginning, which is unknown time. I then proceeded in writing all the way to the time of eternity. In the book, I have talked and tried to prove the creatorship and rulership situation or condition of the Trinity God. I have done this to make peoples of this world believe in existence of the almighty and the ubiquitous God who caused every thing seen and unseen to emerge and exist as they are found now.

The New Alpha Join the Rising Movement of Influencers and Changemakers Who are Redefining Leadership

  • Filename: the-new-alpha-join-the-rising-movement-of-influencers-and-changemakers-who-are-redefining-leadership.
  • ISBN: 9781259641923
  • Release Date: 2016-09-30
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Author: Danielle Harlan
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Say goodbye to the old model of leadership. SAY HELLO TO THE NEW ALPHAS. If you want to make an impact—in your work, your life, and the world at large—it’s time to scrap the traditional thinking about leadership. The game is changing. Power is shifting. And a brave new movement of leaders are redefining success, rewriting the rules, and revolutionizing leadership for the modern world. Meet the New Alphas... NEW ALPHAS STRIVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL. But their definition of success goes beyond personal achievement. NEW ALPHAS VALUE PERSONAL FULFILLMENT. But they also want to be a force for good in the world. NEW ALPHAS MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE. They use their power and influence to improve the lives of others. NEW ALPHAS TRANSFORM ORGANIZATIONS. They spark ideas, generate excitement, and make things happen. If this sounds like the kind of leader you’d like to be, then this book is the roadmap you’ve been waiting for. The New Alpha offers a complete, holistic, interactive program that is designed to help you find meaning and fulfillment in your life while increasing your competency as a leader. It provides a step-by-step, developmental framework for setting goals, building relationships, and using your power and influence to incite positive change. It’s data-driven, customizable, and refreshingly candid about what it takes to be an exceptional leader in a rapidly changing global economy. The old Alpha is dead. Long live The New Alpha. This step-by-step guide to New Alpha leadership includes: • Self-assessments that will help you to customize the program to meet your personal needs • Short- and long-term planning templates, including sample daily plans • A personalized tracking system, including weekly check-in templates, that will allow you to monitor and increase your progress over time • Advice for dealing with difficult people and for reaching out to potential mentors and sponsors who will support and encourage you along the way • Tips, tricks, and tools for being an engaging, inspiring, and supportive leader––who also gets results • Other essential resources that that will help you to be exceptional and maximize your impact

Man 2 0 Engineering the Alpha

  • Filename: man-2-0-engineering-the-alpha.
  • ISBN: 9780062220882
  • Release Date: 2013-04-16
  • Number of pages: 288
  • Author: John Romaniello
  • Publisher: Harper Collins

Every man has the potential for a great body, insane sex, and an unreal life. (Seriously) Want to lose body fat? That's easy—you can drop 20 pounds in 6 weeks. Want bigger muscles? Done. A 50-pound increase to your bench press, coming right up. Want to be smarter? Not a problem—the strategies in this book have been proven to increase brain function. Want an awesome sex life? Yeah, there's a fix for that, too—increased libido and improved performance are just weeks away. You were born to achieve greatness, to be a man. But somewhere along the way you started to live an ordinary life. Fitness experts John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein developed a system that targets hormone optimization; their approach is specifically designed to transform you into the Alpha you were always meant to be. Strong. Confident. Powerful. Based on cutting-edge, scientifically validated methods known only to the fitness elite, Man 2.0 provides a step-by-step road map to regaining your health, looking your best, supercharging your sex life—even reversing the aging process. The systems in this book have changed the lives of countless men who've worked with Romaniello and Bornstein. In this book, you will discover: Answers to all the questions you have about training and nutrition—and even ones you haven't thought of yet. An easy-to-understand plan designed to work with your body, not against it, to burn fat, and build dense, rock-hard muscle. A comprehensive nutrition program, fully customized for Alphas, complete with meal plans.

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